Provident Fund

Objective of protecting the interest of the employees after their retirement and their dependents after death of the employee.

State Insurance

Provide certain benefits like medical, sickness, maternity and employment injury benefits to employees.

Labour Act

Regulate the employment of contract labour and to bring them at par with directly employed labour with regard to the working conditions

Wages Act

Binds the employers to pay the minimum wages fixed under the Act from time to time.

We can manage following services for you

Advising, Administration, Documentation and Maintenance of various records and statutory compliance under the Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948, Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 and other Social Welfare enactments.

Setting-Up and management of Retirement Benefit Funds viz. Provident Fund, Gratuity Fund and Superannuation Fund.

Assisting our clients with the drafting of various Trust Deeds, Applications, Registrations, and Approvals etc, required for setting up a Provident Fund, Gratuity Fund and Superannuation Fund.

Register the said Trust with RBI, obtaining the PAN and TAN numbers, for the Trusts and administer the various Funds by helping our clients comply with relevant legal and statutory requirements.

Complete preparation and management of monthly payroll providing our clients with relevant MIS.

All legal compliance like ESI, PF, MLWF, P. Tax, TDS etc will be taken care of while ensuring complete confidentiality of Data.

Obtaining of Registration Certificates and Licenses under various statutes such as Factories Act, Bombay Shops and Establishments Act, Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, ESI, PF, P. Tax.


  • Gujarat Labour Welfare Indrease from Dec-2016

    Dear All,

    Gujarat Labour Welfare Fund has been increased from Dec-2016 the New Rate are as under

  • New UAN ECR to be implmented-

    New Version of UAN is going to be implemented-
    Key features  of next version  of UAN

    UAN would  be the key field  in Electronic  Challan cum Return  (ECR).
    For a member  joining  EPF for the first  time,  the UAN would  be obtained  by the employer  or member  prior  to filing  of ECR by the employer  for that  member
    The employer   would  furnish   the  member's   details  on  the  basis of  KYC documents   i.e. Aadhaar,  PAN, Bank Account  etc. to  avoid  future   issues about  member's  name,  name  of father/spouse,   date of birth  etc.

    The UAN would  be allotted   upfront   on the  portal  and would  be validated   in the  ECR file  of the employer  at the time  of its submission.

    Also  for   a  member   who   was  earlier   a  member   of EPF prior   to  joining   the   present establishment,   the linking of the existing  UAN of the member  should necessarily be done by the employer  before filing  of UAN based ECR.

    The member's  details  as available  in the  provided  UAN i.e. name of member,  date of birth, father's/   Husband's name would  be used in the ECR of the present employment.

    The generation/linking    of UAN can be done through  an online  functionality    on UAN portal.

    This would be mandatory   for the employer to include the new members  in the ECR.

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