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Industrial Disputes

Collective Bargaining is the process of negotiating between the representatives of the organized workers / employees and representatives of their employer usually for the purposes of determining wages, working hours and working conditions.

Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes right to organize trade unions as a fundamental human right and International Labor Organization declares Collective Bargaining as an essential right of the workers.

What We Do?
Maintaining professionalism with relationships, we at PCS, we have expertise in Resolution of Industrial Disputes / Labour Crisis. We conjure our services during the process of Collective Bargaining to have fruitful negotiation. At PCS, we offer the following services under this head:
Representing Management in the process of Collective Bargaining with Trade Union
Preparing Proposal on behalf of the Authorities to set up negotiations
Negotiating on behalf of the Management against the claims of the Trade Unions
Assisting in the process of Collective Bargaining upon invitation to act as independent 3rd Party in the event of requirement of professional reference
Drafting of Collective Agreements
Manifesting goodwill and cooperationbetween the Management and the Workmen in the event of Labour Crisis / Industrial Disputes